Yarn-Bombing: donorworx gets dazzled!


This morning donorworx office staff arrived at work to be greeted by the most colourful , funky, yarn-bomb surprise ever!  It instantly put a smile on our faces, and staff took turns snapping photos of the delightful sight. Personally, I love that it draws attention and makes me smile at the seemingly mundane.  Take the garbage can at the donorworx building entrance for example.  I walk by this garbage can daily and hardly notice it. Add a bright magenta yarn pompom to it and suddenly it seems beautiful, silly and fun all at the same time.

For many of us, this was our first time encountering urban yarn bombing. Also called guerrilla or urban knitting, yarn bombing is a new form of art that has been invading city streets and parks with its brilliant colours, sense of humor, and energy, bringing street art and craft together. This stealthy subculture has been active on the streets for the past few years. Yarn bombers target anything from light posts to trees or parking meters. You can learn more about this movement in the article: Yarn Bombing

I wonder if the yarn bombers were inspired by our bright magenta and orange donorworx sign out front….do you think it’s coincidence that so many of their colours match?