Write a Love Letter to Yourself


Soul Pancake asked strangers on the street to do something nice for themselves by penning a love letter to the person they spend the most time with: themselves.


When was the last time you wrote a love letter to yourself?

Most of us would find it fairly easy to pour out our feelings for someone we care about and express all the wonderful reasons we love them.  As important as it is to share love to others, it’s necessary to also show love to self.  Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day by writing yourself a love letter.

Here are some suggestions on how to get your love letter started:

1. Find a peaceful place.

2. Sit quietly and reflect on positive things in your life. Let love flow in.

3. Start writing. Write about things that you find special or unique about yourself.  List things that you are grateful for.  Jot dot what you cherish about yourself. Write about your sense of humour and your smile. Remind yourself what makes you light up with happiness

4. Seal the letter in an envelope and address it to yourself.  Ask a close friend to mail it to you at any given time.