Working With Numbers


Our Christmas Campaign is at full steam. All the parts are moving; the momentum is building. The sense of urgency to get as many children sponsored as possible, is at its peak.

Literally, from my point of view, it means numbers. Lots of numbers. The numbers are coming in. The numbers are getting larger and more frequent. That’s what happens in Christmas from my desk. Numbers come in, I send numbers out.

We’ve set targets and we need to know if we’re going to get them. Whether, it’s a daily target, or weekly, or monthly or fiscal. They’re all number that we aim for. Every one we get is a Sponsorship. Every team has it’s goal. We’ve used numbers not just to set goals for ourselves but to help us steer in the right direction. In this case these numbers represent how many lives we can, in reality change, with what we have. But, numbers, like our tablets, guides, and mentors, are just one part of a bigger engine. They are so easy to get lost in. We have to remember they represent what we do and our success, they help us evaluate ourselves and get better, but they are just numbers. They don’t define us or our work.

I jumped on a call the other day with the US CL’s. They shared their results and targets, and I got to answer a couple of questions about myself and my role at donorworx. I tried to dodge one of the questions. The “What’s Your Why?” question. I’ve tried to dodge that question for quite a while. I don’t feel comfortable sharing it. Partly because my “Why” isn’t just for donorworx. I’m not here to just to help sponsor kids. I see sponsorship as a small step closer to solving a bigger issue. I have too many reasons to do this to commit to any one reason. I work at Real News and No Agenda on my own time for the same reasons I work at donorworx. I’m here because I need to be. There’s work that needs to be done.

There is a “Target Monitor” in the back of my mind, and this probably exists in all of us who are here, and it reminds me that there is always work to do. Every number that comes in, every conversation I have, ever story I write at TRNN or No Agenda, is a notch on that Endless-Target Monitor. The target is a relentless need to be better, to see a better world. Because we can and need to.  Every time I look at a Picture Folder or research a story, I end up asking Why. Why does that child need so much help in the first place, why is there so much injustice? My “Why” is to answer to that very hard question and do something about it.

The only way I can tell that for the time being I’m in the right place is that being here has pushed me to be a better person. To learn things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Additionally since I’m “green blooded”, statistically speaking, my chances of getting more people to become more aware, socially conscious, and motivated to want to change things is much higher being here. And that what keeps me coming in to work.

Share your knowledge. Talk to as many as you can. It’s just as good as getting a Sponsorship.

donorworx blog contributor, Roozbeh Ebbadi