Who Knew Grocery Carts Could be so Fun!

Who Knew Grocery Carts Could be so Fun!

Recently, my husband Robbie surprised me with two rolls of Canadian quarters.  I was excited as I knew exactly where we were going….our local grocery store!  I have a tradition of always leaving my quarters in the shopping cart hoping that it will come in hand for the next person who perhaps was stuck without a quarter and hugging myself inwardly imagining their smile. Silly I know!

grocery cart

That fine Saturday afternoon we set off to the parking lot of the grocery store and secretly planted 30 or so quarters in the outside car lot.  We then snuck back to our car and watch in anticipation.  The first round was hysterical and worthy of a hidden camera.  People would approach the cards, then look around, then look back at the cards and gingerly pull a car back out ‘without paying’.  Their smiles were priceless and just as I imagined. The experiment was going well and you can image my overwhelming joy when a child and her father went to drop off their car.  She looked at the quarters and then her dad and then back to the cards.  He smiles, then nodded and she proceeded to take the remaining quarters still in their slots and skipped merrily back to her car with her daddy.  He was visibly delighted too,

We reloaded and lay in wait again.  A man dropped off his cart, took his quarter and then surveyed the fully loaded carts in front of him.  He paused and thought for a while and then left the cards as they were only to return a moment later and replace his quarter in his card to add to the others. BINGO!


By this time I was sure that I had found a new favourite past time until my husband nudged me to watch a very well-heeled man drive past in his jaguar, stop his car, jump out, empty all of the carts of their quarters and zoom off! Seriously! I was gutted!!

So the moral of the story is that today, I want to focus on being kind, compassionate and generous.  I will act without any thought or expectation from my side that they will perhaps consider others a little more because of their interaction with me.  I will not muse on my contribution to the generosity vibes that I may have created in the world.

donorworx blog contributor, CEO Sarah Shaw