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what's your why

What's Your Why

Sharon Jackson’s Why

‪#What’sYourWhy is the passion and fuel that keeps our extraordinary World Changers advocating for a better world. In this week’s What’s Your Why, we caught up with donorworx Fundraiser Sharon Jackson to learn what inspires her to be a Charity Ambassador and a Voice of Change.

1. What do you love about working with donorworx?

It is the people, always, the people. The interaction with them inspires me to be better and to do better. Watching their passion for helping just “shines out from them.”

2. What do you enjoy about being a Fundraiser?

I love hearing the personal stories of the people who come to the booth, listening to their objections (possibly) and overcoming them.

3. What inspired you to join the donorworx team?

It is the love of reaching out to people who need us.

4. How do you feel when you have inspired a donor to champion a cause?

You can watch their eyes “light up” when they “get it” … that being the joy this will bring them.


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