Today is the Day I Meet my Sponsor-child!

Today is the Day I Meet my Sponsor-child!

On Sunday, February 9th, 6 donorworx staff eagerly jumped aboard a plane bound for Nicaragua.  The purpose of their trip is to visit World Vision sponsorship communities and learn more about the development projects that donorworx fundraisers passionately advocate on behalf of.

This adventure will be made extra special for Regional Manager, Su Brock who has arranged to meet the little girl she sponsors from Nicaragua!


“Hiloris is my little darling who is eight years old and lives in Quizaltepe area with her family.  I shiver with anticipation of meeting her!  She means so much to me.  She and her family struggle to get by and I’m sponsoring to be able to make things a bit better for them.  I’ve packed a small back pack with school supplies for Hiloris and her classmates.  And I’m bringing a soccer ball and kite for Hiloris too.  I wish I could do more.  Looking at the gifts I will take to her, I feel like I’m a kid again in anticipation of Christmas!  It feels great to give.  I can’t wait to see her face when she sees her new bunny backpack.

For now, sweet dreams of Hiloris will have to do – until the not too distant day we meet!  Buenas Noches Hiloris, alli estaré pronto!”

donorworx blog contributor, Su Brock