Tips to Talk About Anything with Anyone

Tips to Talk About Anything with Anyone

Starting up a conversation with a stranger is an essential skill of a face-to-face fundraiser. Sometime it can be a bit stressful as we tend to worry about “What should I talk about?”, “What if there is an uncomfortable silence?” “What if we have nothing in common?”

Campaign Leader, Laurie shared some very useful training tips with her team on how to get the ball rolling with conversations.  One thing she finds important is to make sure that you are listening intently. Sometimes people just want to be heard … and that time you spend with them, listening, may give you the insight you need to handle objections, find the right child for them or even just create the trust needed to make them comfortable to say “yes”.

Here is a great article Laurie shared with her team on effective conversation, please take the time to read it.

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