The Lantern Project – Fundraising Travel Journal


donorworx Inc Campaign Leader, Javier Cuellar, is a fundraiser and world changer of many talents. Not only does he have a passion for helping people, but he is also a budding musician and avid writer. He had the chance to combine all three of his talents during his four month fundraising campaign with World Vision Canada this summer in Penticton, Kamloops, Chilliwack and Kelowna.

Javier documented his fundraising journey through a blog he created titled, “The Lantern-Project.” The name of the blog was inspired by the travelling team’s ultimate goal; to shine light over a situation many people ignore – child exploitation. The team gave the gift of sponsorship to 232 children through their fundraising efforts. We are grateful that Javier beautifully captured the magic moments, sponsorship stories, team adventures, challenges, and breath-taking cities that his team experienced during the campaign in his blog.

The Lantern Team was a model example of team-work, friendship and dedication. I would encourage anyone reading this post to take the time to travel in the footsteps of this team through the the Lantern-Project blog. I have no doubt that it will leave you feeling inspired, full of joy and wanting to become best friends with this team of individuals.
Here is an excerpt from the final blog post of the project;

“Through this blog I have shared many stories of incredible people who opened their hearts to help a child in need. But this time I want to share my thoughts about my teammates. All of them are passionate people, with a burning desire to inspire others to help, with the perseverance of a climber trying to reach the top of a mountain, with the thrive of a bodybuilder that keeps pushing to achieve his/her objectives, with a huge heart and smile able to soften anyone who stopped at our booth. I have said it before, and I will always say it, I was given a team of stars to run this campaign, and they all shined as lanterns in the sky!”

The Lantern Project
-Javier Cuellar-