The Game “Operation” is a lot like “The Ask”


One false move.. and the screeching buzzer goes off!

I remember playing the game “Operation” when I was a kid. Holding my breath, palms sweating and bracing myself for that one shaky move that might cause my tweezers to connect with the metal edges resulting in game over for me. It was a tough game, but I always came back for more, determined to succeed!

The game Operation can be compared to the experience faced by fundraisers when going for the final ask.  I discovered this brilliant analogy on the fundraising website Nonprofit Hub in an article called “The Anatomy of the Ask.”  The article argues that fundraisers have the ability to determine the outcome of their ask. “An uncertain ask (sure to make the alarms sound), OR an ask that is well-prepared and carefully executed.”

If you chose a carefully executed ask, check out the infographic below designed by Interactive Media Strategist Devin Thomas.” Click to enlarge the infographic

fundraising ask