Stop-Motion: First World Girl


Our incredibly talented Training Coordinator at donorworx, Terri Fry, created this beautiful stop-motion video clip titled, “First World Girl.”


I asked Terri what the inspiration behind creating this video was?

Terri: “I wanted to make this video to highlight what my life sort of has been up to this point. We get so busy living our lives and dwelling in our minor and petty issues of our daily lives that we forget to look at the big picture and simply be thankful for the fact that life really is amazing for all of us!! We are blessed to have so much in Canada…this country has been great to us – especially as women! It doesn’t discriminate based on our gender and we have the exact same opportunities in every field as men do! What’s sad is that life isn’t the same for people in many other countries especially women. I wanted to lightly bring “light” to that quickly in this video.”