Ripple Effect of Kindness


This is Jason and Matt who were so inspired by donorworx World Changers Jamie-Lynn and Patti at Conestoga Mall that they made the wonderful decision to each sponsor a child through World Vision Canada! These guys are amazing, and truly inspiring! Normally after someone sponsors, giant thank-yous are exchanged and goodbyes are said to the proud new sponsor as they continue on with their day. You can imagine the utter amazement our fundraisers must have felt when Matt and Jason returned to the booth to surprise  Patti and Jamie-Lynn with flowers! Not only did they sponsor, and bring flowers…. They made sure the flowers were orange for World Vision!!! Just goes to show how impactful the ripple of kindness is.

Janice says:

Oh Truly Wonderful! We all see lots of hugs and tears and best wishes and photos but to then come back and honour in this way is truly heart-felt!

rfjcuellar says:

This is so cool! There is a lot of people out there with huge hearts.