Representing the donorworx Community

Representing the donorworx Community

To say that our booth stood out at the AFP conference is an understatement. While the bright colors, beautifully designed display and “win a free camera sign!” definitely upped the attraction factor, ultimately I don’t think that’s why people were most drawn to visit us. I think this is why:

Our first night in San Antonio we checked into our hotel welcomed by The Maverick Music Festival rockin’ right outside our windows. It had been a day of long travel and with loud music dancing through the thin walls of our old hotel, sleep seemed like a far off dream. Sure enough, it was a late night for us all but nevertheless, we were up early for a run and breakfast together on Saturday before heading to the convention center to set up for the conference.

Despite one of us fighting off a cold, two of us struggling to find acceptable menu items and all of us perhaps a bit groggy from our impromptu rock concert the night before, the mood at our breakfast table was filled with enjoyment and excitement. donorworx is a community with relentless dedication to positivity and I was inspired again that morning as I have been in the past by my co-workers and their carpe diem outlook.

After a ritualistic and perhaps necessary Starbucks run, we arrived at the convention center and began unpacking our boxes and setting up the exhibit. What happened next was a different kind of booth magic. Without any discussion about who would do what, we all automatically put our hands to the task and began effortlessly working together to set everything up. Even in the midst of a few problems this team worked with a strong sense of ease and cohesiveness.

Throughout our three days at the AFP conference this feeling continued and we were united as a group of people who genuinely enjoy working together, who go out of their way to help each other, who support each other in our work at the booth and in our lives. We cried together as we heard the stories of remarkable charities and then played together, finding ways to laugh and liven together.

For many of you, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about because it’s the exact same magical thing that happens over and over on our campaigns across North America. In trainings we talk about this as the law of attraction but it’s also who we are as the donorworx family, it’s our aroma. I believe that our booth was buzzing because at every moment we represented the heart of donorworx, a group of people joined together by a passion, a vision and a commitment to excellence, that energy is contagious and it’s really quite extraordinary.