Re-charge your Fundraising Mojo

Re-charge your Fundraising Mojo

We’ve all had those fundraising days where we are challenged to keep our positive attitudes and energy level up, especially at this time of year when we are faced with the frenzy of the holiday shopping crowds.

What do you do when you experience those energy zapping moments where you feel like you don’t have the ability to keep going?

To the rescue: tips that will keep your fundraising efforts humming along—and, happily, don’t take much effort.

Learn to maintain energy

Sometimes we just have to push through those extremely busy days. In order to keep energy level high and stay physically healthy during times of the holiday rush in the malls, there are a number of tips that can be applied.

  1. positiveDevelop a positive attitude – Learn to prevent stress by staying mindful of your thought process. Energy comes from our attitude. With an enthusiastic and appreciative attitude, we will have much more energy and this will shine through in our conversations with potential donors.
  2. reconnectRe-connect with the charity – Take a moment to pause and reflect on WHY you started fundraising for a charity in the first place.  Think about what motivated you to get involved and take action. Rekindle your energy and passion  by reading a charity related article or watching a you-tube video.
  3. jamsBust out the jams – Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling too. Listening to music that pumps you up or puts a skip in your step is a great way to stay energized.  Try putting on some uplifting and energizing music on the way to work or during your break.
  4. santaSport a Santa hat – Research suggests looking at the color red can boost our energy levels pronto . So grab a Santa hat for you and your partner to wear at the booth and test out the effect it has on you.
  5. waterDrink more water – Focus on drinking more water and staying hydrated in order to keep a more balanced energy level. By drinking water, you’ll feel healthier and will avoid the serious energy drain that comes from a caffeine crash. Pack a re-fill-able water bottle, so you can easily sip while working.
  6. outsideTake a breather – Be sure and take breaks during your fundraising shift.  Step outside and get a breath of fresh air or go for a quick walk to clear your head. Sunshine helps boost levels of vitamin D, and research suggests that adequate amounts may play a role in sustaining energy.
  7. zzzzzzSleep it off – Getting enough sleep can be exactly what’s needed to maintain a high energy level.