#RandomKindness: Spreading Smiles in Windsor

#RandomKindness: Spreading Smiles in Windsor

After the Christmas CL training, I was inspired to implement the wonderful #RandomKindness movement that we learned about, with my team in Windsor.  The #RandomKindness activity encourages fundraisers to go out of their way to do something nice for someone else. I turned it into a little game. It was a countdown game to our last day. So if we had 2 days left, we would have to complete 2 acts of kindness that day. I would create a random act of kindness and so would the fundraisers for our team.

In the picture, you’ll see Lindsey at the candy machine. I gave her .25 cents so she could buy candy for a child who was with his/her parents. As she was at the machine, she announced to a family that she wants to do a random act of kindness by buying candy, another mall walker overhears this and approaches our fundraiser giving her more coins so that she can buy more candy for other kids. So Lindsey came back to the booth with 4 times the amount of coins she had started off with. Life is just a pure bliss.

The best part of all, the original family that Lindsey shared #RandomKindness with, went searching throughout the mall to find our booth in order to find out about sponsorship. They found our booth and inquired about sponsoring a child since they weren’t familiar with World Vision before. They loved the idea and I know we planted a wonderful seed in an amazing and grateful family.

The picture with me holding a flower was an act of kindness on our final day (October 31st). We decided that since all the kids in the mall were getting treats for Halloween, then what about a treat for an adult. Thus, a beautiful flower was gifted and it brought such joy to a couple who had been married 20 years.

blog contributor, Campaign Leader Alin Arzoumanian

Sarah Shaw says:

Aiine – I love this! And the ripple effect is just tremendous. Thank you for putting a big smile on my face today. We have CL training in Vancouver today and I am going to share our new campaign 🙂 Awesome job and again thank you for sharing. Big hugs xxxx