#RandomKindness: Brightening People’s Day

#RandomKindness: Brightening People’s Day

We hope you feel inspired after watching this video of Javier from the donorworx #RandomKindness Krew, as he shows appreciation and care to strangers.

The folks at donorworx believe that spreading #RandomKindness is one of the best ways to boost your happiness level and feel good meter. We believe it, because we see it everyday when we are fundraising. Each time we help someone at the booth save a life or make a donation, we instantly notice they have a glow about them.

Studies show that doing good makes you feel good.  Michael Steger, a psychologist at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, conducted a study to determine which behaviour makes people happier—seeking pleasure or doing good? The conclusion was that people “became happier after they did something good, suggesting that happiness does, in fact, come about as a result of doing good things.”