We can’t wait to help you attract new supporters through face-to- face fundraising

Donorworx is a full service Face-to- Face Fundraising agency with all the tools to help non-profits build their monthly giving programs and engage new donors.From creative concepts to campaign execution, our services cover all aspects of executing your Face-to-Face Fundraising campaign strategy.

Every fundraising campaign situation is unique, so cookie cutter solutions aren’t an option. We spend time getting to know our clients, their mission and their programs before we craft our winning campaign strategy. Once-in market, we are constantly testing, evaluating and refining to ensure superior results.

We can help you grow your donor base through:

Retail/Private Site Fundraising

Street Fundraising

Door-to-Door Fundraising




Strategy Evaluation and Research

We’re looking for partners. We don’t do “one size fits all”. Before we leap feet first into fundraising on behalf of a charity, we take the time to understand you, your unique goals, your current challenges, what makes you stand out from the crowd and most importantly your donors. This fact gathering is necessary due diligence that becomes the foundation upon which we will build your award-worthy face-to- face fundraising campaign.

  • Monthly giving program assessment
  • Client research & analysis
  • Audience identification & characterization
  • Market research



Your Roadmap to Campaign Success

Armed with knowledge and intricate understanding of your organization our team will set into action to bring the vision to life. Your dedicated Account Manager will walk you through every step of the process with detailed timelines, critical paths and analytics. Our in house designer and training department will create marketing visuals, training content, pitch scripts and messaging.

We’re proud to put our proprietary Pledgeworx Application to work for your group. Through this application, we have the ability to create any fields needed to capture donor information.

At the end of the Create Stage, we will both know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

  • Campaign strategy development
  • Designing & producing supporting fundraising collateral
  • Client reporting dashboard and custom payment form
  • Charity training program
  • Script creation and messaging
  • Retail booth design and branding
  • Campaign collateral design

Team Building

Team Building

Champions of your Cause

Finding, attracting and retaining top talent demands a superior hiring and on-boarding experience. Your campaign will be promoted with a custom built recruitment landing page that attracts charity ambassadors committed to your cause. Our candidates will jump through hoops before being selected to advocate on behalf of your organization.

We educate and empower our fundraisers with charity knowledge and fundraising skills through our ongoing training program and Cycle of Development.

  • Recruiting
  • Training and Development
  • Campaign Management



How and where we meet your new donors

This is where the magic happens. Fueled with knowledge, inspiration and passion our fundraisers focus on engaging in conversations with donors in the age range of 35-49. All our fundraisers are trained in the art of providing an inspiring and urgent call to action to those they meet. When we inspire people, it’s so we can inspire quality, committed donors to support your organization for years to come. We endeavor to ensure we leave a positive impression and create a lasting memory for each person we meet.

  • Retail Fundraising
  • Door-to-Door Fundraising
  • Street Fundraising
  • Business to Business Fundraising
  • Private Site Fundraising (Airports, Supermarkets)
  • Event Fundraising

Reporting & Evaluating

Reporting & Evaluating

Smart data at your finger tips

Donorworx uses several integrated systems to collect data in the field, process donor information and generate analytic reports that track robust yet detailed data. Our Pledgeworx Application can be used to capture donor information on any device, anywhere, while maintaining full PCI Compliance.

By clearly defining our goals and objectives early in the process, we’re able to define key performance indicators and metrics that we can use to measure campaign performance. Once the campaign is in process, we measure, analyze, test and compare. We figure out what’s working, and what could be working better.

  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics
  • Online client reporting portal
  • First Payment On-Site
  • Real-time rep performance monitoring and management
  • Social Media Share


We'd love to talk to you. Whether it’s a monthly giving program analysis, campaign consultation or just coffee, we assure you that the conversation will be valuable to your organization.

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