The NEW Fundraiser Manifesto

The NEW Fundraiser Manifesto

manifestoWikipedia defines manifesto as, “a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group.”  Manifestos are a powerful tool.  By publicly sharing your views and intentions, you create a pact for taking action.  If you want to change the world, even in just a small way, creating a personal or business manifesto is a great place to start.

I came across a manifesto for fundraisers by Ian MacQuillin that encourages those in fundraising careers to be proud and passionate about our professional practice. The manifesto reads:

“This is a fundraising office

Treasury of the voluntary sector

Engine room of the change charities bring to the world

Through this office we connect the people who want to change the world with the people who can change it

We convert their ideals into the funding that allows charities to achieve their missions and visions

We underwrite charities’ successes and insure against their failures

Friend you are about to enter sacred ground

This is a fundraising office.

This is the new manifesto for fundraising and for fundraisers.

It tells you that you can be proud of changing the world and connecting donors to causes. But we already knew that.

It also tells you that:

  • You can be proud of being a fundraiser.
  • You can be proud of raising money.
  • And you can be proud of how you raise that money.

You are not ‘not just fundraisers’. You ARE fundraisers. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”


What’s Your Manifesto?

Do you have a personal manifesto that you’d like to share?

How about a manifesto that you’ve always admired?