Welcome to our new donorworx CEO – Shelley Doughty

Welcome to our new donorworx CEO – Shelley Doughty

It is an incredible honour for me to lead and serve this great company of ours as your new CEO.

As we start a new phase of our journey together, I wanted to share some background on myself, what inspires me, and the exciting future ahead for donorworx.

I think the best way to get things started is to go back to the beginning and share some of my background leading up to donorworx. I began my career in public accounting. One of the great advantages of a career in public accounting is that you get to experience many different clients in many different industries. One of the clients I worked with was a professional fundraising company, I was intrigued. This company provided services to charities to help them raise funds to perform their charitable work. I learned a lot about the fundraising business during this time.

And then came donorworx……

donorworx represented one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to use your talents and experience to benefit something that is larger than yourself.  I love coming to work every day with the opportunity to make real change in the lives of people.

As I lead donorworx into its second decade, I realize that we need to adapt to the changes in our marketplace. We have worked hard to revise our mission and values to be reflective of what donorworx will be as we enter our next ten years. The company is poised to grow on the basis of wonderful client relationships and a core of bright, passionate and dedicated people. As we move into this next phase, we will do so as OneDonorworx.  One where everyone is willing and capable of jumping in to help our fellow “donorworker”. We will win as a team and our wins will be celebrated by everyone.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share and celebrate the new donorworx Mission and Vision and Values.   These guiding principles we have created together as a company, are what we all need to embody in everything we do and encompass into our everyday actions.

Vision – To give charities a voice and ignite passion and action in others.

Mission – To use our wealth of experience in fundraising to enable our non-profit partners to inspire lasting positive change through their meaningful work.

Values – These values will help shape our culture and by incorporating these values into everything we do, it will help us enhance our culture. They are:

CollaborativeWe are one donorworx. We know we’re more effective when we work together. This means talking often, trusting completely, and being open and honest.

PassionateWe feel it. We believe in the power of positivity! We embody empowerment and enthusiastically champion the mission.

CourageousWe step up and speak up. We stand up for your charity! No matter what challenges we encounter, we power through towards positive change.

CommittedWe strive for excellence. We’re not satisfied until we know we’ve done the best job possible. We always take time to listen, learn, and adjust in order to improve.

PrincipledWe do good work. We’ve made a habit out of integrity. It’s important that our work is ethical and always values the ideas and diverse backgrounds of others.

I am excited about the bright future ahead for donorworx. There is a lot to accomplish, many things we can improve and areas where we can grow. Our ambition and dedication will not only serve us well but will continue to foster positive change in the world we live in.

Sincerely, Shelley Doughty