Liberty Village Clean Up

Liberty Village Clean Up

The donorworx office staff is getting together to help keep our city clean!  On Friday April 25th office staff with participate with other Liberty Village businesses and residents to help pick up litter in the area.

It’s called The Corporate and School Cleanup Day, an initiative started by The City of Toronto to encourage residents and employees to work together to keep the city green and clean. There are lost of different communities taking part and events happening throughout the week, so take a look and see what your community may be up to!

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Last week a writer from the Parkdale Village newspaper dropped by the donorworx office to learn more about our interest in getting involved and greening our neighboorhood.  The full article can be read here: Parkdale and Liberty Village prepare for weekend cleanup.

Aside from communities, the cleanup days also help with businesses in Toronto neighbourhoods, including the Liberty Village BIA, which also plans to take out the trash.

“We want people to come here and feel good about being in the area,” said Rebecca Hirsch, Administrative Coordinator at Liberty Village BIA. “It’s good for businesses and the community when everything is nice and clean.”

Liberty Village BIA has partnered with local businesses to start the initiative to clean up local areas. Businesses such as JAM Direct and Donorworx have collaborated with the BIA to organize the cleanup.

“We saw it in the LVBIA newsletter,” said Lynne Harris, Account Manager for JAM Direct. “As part of our charity initiatives we decided it was a really easy way to make a difference in our community. It only takes half an hour and it’s a big impact.”

JAM Direct is a direct-end digital marketing agency with clients such as Bell Canada, The Source and Joe Boxer. Another major partner in the Liberty Village cleanup, Donorworx is a face-to-face fundraising company that works on behalf of charities.

Last year, cleanup days were hampered by heavy rain and poor weather. Now, the LVBIA and Fort York are eager to bounce back from the harsh winter Torontonians faced this year.

“Last year was unlucky because it was raining,” Hirsch said. “Now we have our newsletter and we’ve been publicizing the cleanup so all our member companies can get involved. Residents are also very welcome.”

The “monsoon” of last year, as described by Juliusson, didn’t prevent him and his crew from cleaning up Garrison Commons. Fort York had just seven volunteers because of bad weather.

The cleanups offer both businesses and residents a chance to unite for the greater objective of keeping our communities tidy. For Liberty Village BIA, this cause demonstrates the diversity of people and businesses in the area.

“It’s about bringing the different offices and businesses together,” said Hilary Slater, Special Projects Coordinator at Donorworx. “There’s so many different businesses in different areas of Liberty Village and as it gets bigger, more people start coming to the area.”

As a city employee, Juliusson believes it’s important for community members to help out. He thinks it’s about taking responsibility for your neighbourhood.

“There’s not enough city people to clean every place in the city if people are littering,” he added. “Not only that, but for us, we also have garbage from the Gardiner blowing our way.”

For community members hoping to get involved, it’s simple. Anyone willing to help is welcome to the cleanups.

Liberty Village BIA will have its cleanup on April 25 from 1:30 to 2 p.m.; Garrison Commons will have its cleanup on April 26 from 10 a.m. to noon.

“Just show up,” Juliusson said. “Make sure you have the proper boots and I’ll provide the gloves and bags.”