Employee Spotlight: Krystiana Ferguson

Employee Spotlight: Krystiana Ferguson


Here at donorworx, we are committed to achieving our vision of giving charities a voice and igniting passion and action in others. We’re not able to achieve this vision without a dedicated staff of Charity Ambassadors. We’re proud of our culture and community, so we wanted to highlight a little more about who makes up the donorworx team.

We interviewed Krystiana Ferguson who is the Manager of our Door-to-Door Fundraising team in Vancouver. Check out a little bit more about her below.

1. What is your name: Krystiana Ferguson

2. Where is your hometown? Vancouver, BC

3. What three traits describe you: Honest, intuitive and perceptive.

4. What is your current role? Currently, I am the Manager of the Door to Door office in Vancouver.

5. What is your favourite thing about working at donorworx in face-to-face fundraising? My favourite thing about working in face-to-face fundraising is the opportunity to encourage and facilitate meaningful work around the world. I love that my job is dependent upon an environment of creativity and inspiration that defies the expectations of a typical workplace.

6. What is most rewarding about your job? The most rewarding thing about my job is the opportunity to teach valuable skills that allow fundraisers to be successful in their work and to help them make meaningful connections with donors. I love to see new fundraisers challenge themselves to be fearless and to exceed their own expectations. Watching a team grow and succeed is the most rewarding experience for me.

7. How would you describe the culture at donorworx? Empowering.

8. Something people don’t know about you? As a teenager, I used to photograph bands in the local punk and metal scene as a hobby and side job.

9. Fill in the blank – I once met…. Rachel McAdams while Fundraising in Toronto! We had a very touching conversation about child sponsorship and it made my week! I’m a huge Mean Girls fan, so I was pretty starstruck.

10. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time – hobbies and interests? I love plants and gardening, I have a large collection of houseplants and I am always sprouting new seeds on my windowsill. I am a passionate vegan and animal person. I enjoy cooking new vegan recipes, hiking as much as possible, participating in local activism and taking on new creative projects.