Keep Going, Unsung Hero


Hello World Changers,

One of our fundraisers passed along this link to a beautiful video titled ‘Unsung Hero’. You may need to have a tissue handy if you’re like me.

When you fundraise you offer people the gift of more happiness. Imagine if the man in the video just walked along not paying attention to what was happening around him. The story would have been pretty empty and definitely not beautiful. This is how many people go through life. Your job is to create those connections. You connect the man to the dog, to the banana woman, to the woman with the cart, to the flower that needs water and to the girl wanting to go to school. So when you stop shoppers, shake them a bit, and encourage them to sponsor, you’re truly giving them a gift…the gift of having more happiness and joy in their life by giving love and happiness to others.

If you’re not convinced…ask yourself these questions: When people leave the booth after sponsoring, are they happy or are they sad? Are they excited? Do they thank you for stopping them? Do they thank you for taking the time… Do they give you happy hugs sometimes with happy tears?

Keep connecting…it’s making a difference.