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    Application Process

    How do I apply to work with donorworx Inc.?
    All applications must be submitted online to create your unique profile. Follow the Apply link, select the location and complete our easy online form. APPLY NOW!

    Why do you ask for my “motivation” and what does this mean?
    Passion and personal commitment defines every donorworx employee. We all have an internal driving force that spurs us to act, challenges us to defy limits and guides our hearts and minds. In 50 words or less, tell us what or who inspires you and why you decided to apply!

    What should I select for my availability?
    donorworx teams work 7 days a week, during mall hours. Your selections give us an accurate snapshot of when you are available during campaign dates.

    What if I am interested in more than one location?
    Select one ‘home’ location and submit your application! When we contact you, please indicate alternate locations you are interested in.

    Why does your job posting say the position begins immediately?
    While our campaigns are already running, we sometimes require additional fundraisers to join existing teams.

    Who makes an ideal candidate?
    People with passion, drive and perseverance! Individuals who are able to engage and relate to others. Advocates and ambassadors for people, communities and issues that need assistance and change!

    Help! What if I have technical difficulties while submitting my online application?
    Sometimes computers are great. Sometimes they are…not. Please feel free to reach out to the Recruitment team by email or by phone if you encounter any technical problems. Email us at recruitment@donorworx.com or call 416-792-0770 / 1-800-985-8908.

    Should I call to follow up with my online application? When can I expect to hear from donorworx?
    We contact everyone who submits an online application. The timing varies by campaign. We look forward to being in touch with you soon!

    After I submit my application, what happens next?
    We’ll be reaching out to you shortly for a phone screen.

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    The Phone Screen

    What happens during the phone screen?
    The phone screen is the first stage of our interview process. You will speak with a member of the donorworx recruitment team about the campaign, your inspirations, experiences and what led you to apply!  We want to get to know you better!

    How much time should I allow for my phone screen?
    The donorworx Recruitment team will call you for an initial 10-15 minute discussion.

    How should I prepare for my phone screen?
    Prepare yourself with a little knowledge about the charity but there is no need to be an expert just yet! This will all be covered in your training if you are selected to be a donorworx fundraiser. Our main focus will be getting to know who you are and understanding your enthusiasm and goals.

    What if I am unable to speak with donorworx Inc. when they call?
    Don’t worry! If we missed you, please call us back at your earliest convenience. Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, EST.  Please contact us when you can spare 10-15 minutes. Phone: 416-792-0770 / 1-800-985-8908.

    Why does a Toronto-based phone number register on my caller id for donorworx Inc.?
    Our head office in located in Toronto, ON and our office hours are Monday – Friday 9am-5pm, EST.  Please contact us when you have 10-15 minutes to devote to our phone interview. Don’t forget the option to use our toll-free line at 1-800-985-8908.

    When will I know if I have been invited to continue in the interview process?
    We will discuss the next steps of the interview process during your phone screen.

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    The Interview

    How do I prepare?
    Research your designated charity. Visit their websites and understand the issues and causes they support. Reflect on what excites you about this role, why you want to make a difference and what kind of impact you want to have on the world. Be prepared to communicate that with us, and your peers.

    Passion, team spirit and personal conviction is what we are looking for. Get ready to inspire and be inspired!

    What is a group interview?
    It is an eye-opening, heartfelt meeting with other amazing and extraordinary candidates. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, as well as see how you work in a team setting. The energy in the room is contagious!

    How much time will I spend at my group interview?
    2 hours. You will share your story, alongside other outstanding candidates, with members of the donorworx hiring team.

    How much time will I spend at my 1:1 interview?
    For small group or one-on-one interviews, please allow 45 minutes-1 hour.

    How should I dress for my interview?
    Business casual is best. No jeans please, but formal suits are not expected. Please dress professionally and comfortably.

    What materials do I need to bring to my interview?
    Yourself and your smile! We have your full applications on file. The trees thank you!

    Where should I park?
    Our interviews are typically held where public parking is readily accessible. This information will be included in the interview confirmation email.

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    New Hires

    I have just been hired …

    Welcome Aboard!
    Congratulations! You are now one of the many World Changers that make up donoroworx.

    Once I have been selected as a fundraiser, how soon will I start?
    Fundraisers typically start within one to two weeks of being hired.

    What is involved in the on-boarding process?
    Upon your acceptance of the role, you will receive a contract, tax documents, banking information form for direct deposit, background check link and online training that you must complete prior to your classroom training day.  We cannot process payroll without these steps so kindly return these materials upon receipt!

    We can be reached at recruitment@donorworx.com for further assistance.

    How do I complete my background check and why is this required?
    To comply with the mandates and stipulations of our major charity clients, all donorworx staff must complete and clear yearly background checks.

    Follow the website link in your on-boarding email from donorworx to the external background check site.

    How do I complete my contract and tax documents and where do I upload my completed files?
    You will be sent a fillable PDF form in which you can type in your information and review the terms, conditions and benefits of us working together! Please save this completed copy and upload the file directly to our online system.

    For any difficulties, please contact Catherine Francis, our Human Resources Generalist at catherine@donorworx.com or Recruitment at recruitment@donorworx.com.

    Will there be a training session and what will classroom training involve?
    Yes! Everyone receives mandatory paid training. Typically you will attend a full day of classroom training before your first shift. You will gain in-depth knowledge about the charity and their cause in addition to fundraising techniques to use when advocating with the public. You will also learn how to use our touch-screen tablets to process sponsorships, track results and use on-line tools to engage prospective donors.

    Get ready for a fun, interactive day involving role-playing and team building exercises. Dress comfortably and professionally. Be prepared to laugh, share and grow!

    When and how can I expect to be paid?
    We pay all employees through direct deposit on a bi-weekly basis. For campaigns shorter than 2 weeks, your pay will be processed directly following the conclusion of your campaign.

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    Returning Fundraisers

    There is a new campaign starting in my area. Do I need to apply again?
    No. If you have worked with us before, please send an email to recruitment@donorworx.com or call Recruitment at 416-792-0770 / 1-800-985-8908 with your availability and let us know that you are excited to get involved!

    I confirmed my availability for an upcoming campaign. Why have I not heard from you?
    Each campaign is unique. There are many factors that impact timing. For an update, please contact us at recruitment@donorwox.com.

    Have more questions? We can be reached by email at recruitment@donorworx.com or by phone at 416-792-0770 / 1-800-985-8908.

Are you ready to learn more about an exciting career working with donorworx on behalf of great causes?

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