A better world starts with you.

What makes donorworx special? Quite simply the extraordinary people who join the donorworx community. donorworx is made up of a vibrant group of people, living their lives with purpose, and using their talents to make the world a better place.

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Inspire Change…Be a Fundraiser!

We call our fundraisers “World Changers,” because that’s exactly what they do! They inspire people to ignite positive change in the world through the act of giving.


A Day in the Life

Your role is to actively engage and interact with the public, whether it be in a residential neighbourhood, a busy street corner or at a branded charity booth in a mall.  As a fundraiser, you educate and empower people to support a non-profit as a monthly donor.


Why Work at donorworx

We offer a competitive compensation structure, career mobility, a contagious team spirit and ongoing mentoring that truly makes donorworx a special place to work.

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We are seeking

  • ENERGETIC personalities determined to make a difference

  • ENGAGING storytellers with a passion for humanitarian causes

  • Innovative thinkers DEDICATED to inspiring others

  • SELF-MOTIVATORS who turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Those who PERSEVERE when faced with challenges

  • GOAL oriented individuals


Are you ready to learn more about an exciting career working with donorworx on behalf of great causes?

Job Opportunities

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Some words from donorworx fundraisers

“Every new day of work was a reminder about the kind of person I want to be and the path I want to follow. I got to work alongside some of the most inspiring and heart-felt people I’ve ever met, who come to work each day with a deep passion for what they do and that “fire in their belly” to make a real difference.”

- Michaela Shaw

“This job has been a true testament to the kindness left in humanity! I’ve finally found my thing, the thing that I wake up for everyday and strive to do the absolute best I can for! Children, they are our future and they deserve a loud voice!”

- Kiara Lee

"There are not many jobs where you truly make a lasting difference every single day. I found that rare and exciting job with donorworx. Every shift is a new adventure and an opportunity to change the lives of children and families around the world- there is no better feeling!"

- Kaitlyn Lloyd