Jet Fuel: Breakfast of Champions!

Jet Fuel: Breakfast of Champions!

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Growing up my grandma always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I have also heard this from a lot of people. One day, I decided to investigate this for myself (especially since I was not a breakfast person) and came across a some very interesting articles. Here I share a little information found during my research.

First, it helps your brain. It has been proven that, especially on children,  that if you don’t eat breakfast you tend to loose focus and concentration, hindering your ability to think and problem-solve. -I want you to stop here for a moment and think of all the children we are helping, many of them don’t have access to breakfast and that is how they go to school..

Having a good breakfast also keeps you from craving food before lunch. That means that it can also help you to make better decisions. Have you ever made a “food decision” when you are hungry? Yes, we don’t usually make the smartest, right? We tend to go for whatever we can get our hands on, and most of the time is fast food, which is not the healthiest.

After six or eight hours of sleep, your brain and body need some fuel (Jet Fuel) to power up and prepare them for the day ahead. Like a car, your body can’t run on an empty tank, you need fuel!

So, eat breakfast! If your excuse is that you don’t have time for it, try to go to bed a little earlier and wake up earlier, or prepare something you can “grab and go” the night before, like a peanut butter sandwich. Make it a habit and you will see a lot of benefits!

donorworx blog contributor: Javier Cuellar