Jet Fuel: 6 Reasons to Exercise your Body

Jet Fuel: 6 Reasons to Exercise your Body

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In this entry I would like to share with you an abstract of a web article that talks about various benefits that exercising your body brings to your daily life, and how it can improve your everyday performance (not only at your job but in all the activities you do, and in your life in general).

1) It helps you to control your weight. Ok, this is obvious, but think about it for a bit. If you don’t do any sort of physical activity, eventually, your body (as your metabolism slows down with age) will start gaining weight since calories are not being burned. So, if you want to keep your weight, stay active!

2) Helps you combat health conditions and diseases. Physical activity (AKA exercise!) helps battle heart diseases and high blood pressure. Being active boost the creation of good cholesterol in your body and decrease triglycerids. This helps to keep your blood running smoothly over your veins, which in turn decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3) It improves your mood! This is true and I have experienced it. Every time I do exercise I end up feeling great and happy! It also helps you to shake off the stress from a tough day at work. Have you tried a punching bag after a stressful day? If not, you should! Exercise stimulates different brain chemicals that helps you feel better and happier!

4) It is an energy booster! Talking about Jet Fuel, exercising definitely boosts your energy levels. One of the reasons why is because your are bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

5) A better good night sleep. It has been proven that people who do, at least, a total of 150 minutes of exercise a week sleep better and feel more alert during the day than people who are not physically active.

6) It can be a lot of fun! Ok, when you think of exercise you don’t necessarily have to picture a room full of weights and treadmills (although there are people who really enjoy those settings). If you are not one of those people that are willing to “hit the gym” everyday then look for other fun ways to exercise! Try dance lessons, yoga, trail running (or walking), join a soccer or basketball team; the important thing here is to get active!