Giving a Girl a Chance


I grew up in a small town where there was almost no multiculturalism, everyone knew everyone and very rarely did I see the under lying poverty in my own community. I suppose having this experience growing up, is what made me so captivated by the World Vision child sponsorship commercials that would play continuously during the holiday season. Being that I was around ten years old, obviously I could not sponsor my own child but I remember having this overwhelming sense of empathy for these children, I wanted so badly to end their hunger, and to put smiles on their faces.

As I grew older my feelings of empathy never left me. I acted on these feeling in College when an amazing opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic arose. That opportunity completely changed my outlook on the world and it made consider a different career path as I was then trying to pursue a career in radio broadcasting.

I was offered a job at donorworx in September of 2012 and all of a sudden I was faced with child sponsorship on a daily basis. In March of 2013, I sponsored my first little girl thru World Vision Canada, her name is Eunice and she is from Malawi.

While sponsoring a child from a third world country is one of the most amazing feelings you can have, one of the most difficult things to do is to actually choose which one you want to sponsor. How can you justify picking one but not the other? How do you decide who needs you the most? Do you sponsor a baby, a boy, a girl? Ultimately, after a lot of thought I decided to choose a 5 year old girl, I wanted to give her the opportunity to begin her life on the right foot and to really give her the chance to grow up into whatever she wants to be.

I chose to sponsor a girl because by no means are they given the same resources and opportunities to better themselves as boys. They are expected to tend to their homes instead of chasing their dreams and gaining positions in the working world. Giving a young girl a chance to attend school is one of the most empowering things I have ever felt. I have hopes and dreams for Eunice; I believe she can be absolutely anything she puts her mind to. I believe that Eunice has a desire to learn and that she will use her knowledge to propel herself into a promising future. I recently received a progress report from Eunice; in the picture she was reading a book. When I saw that picture it truly reassured me that picking a young girl was the right decision and that I have had a hand in sending Eunice down the right path.

donorworx blog contributor: Nicole Phillips (logistics coordinator)

Ti says:

I hear you on the small towns. No diversity, no chance to learn. I know people criticize say, World Vision for spending so much on commercials but it’s really the best way to bring awareness to people who live in a bubble.

And she’s adorable. 😀