Girl Rising: Changing the World, One Story at a Time


Last night, donorworx Charity Ambassador Program (CAP) volunteers helped out at the screening of the incredibly powerful film, “Girl Rising” which tells the stories of nine resilient girls in nine developing countries who persevere through unimaginable economic and cultural odds simply to get an education. The stories bring to light the dramatic impact that education plays in the potential and opportunities for girls to succeed. The internal drive that exists in each girl leaves you wanting to stand up – do something and say something!

We were honoured to be personally asked to do something at intermission by former World Vision sponsor child Teriano Lesancha. Teriano knows first hand the opportunities that education gives women. She is the first woman from her rural African Maasai village to ever graduate from university. It was truly exceptional to hear her advocate for education for girls around the world.

Sitting next to Teriano was Justin Reeves, who helped play an important role in creating the film, Girl Rising. In a recent article written about the documentary, Justin wrote:

“Girl Rising tells of girls facing arranged marriages, child slavery, and other injustices we only read about here in Canada. But the girls in the film all have a common ally: education. By getting an education, they’re all able to change the course of their lives, breaking barriers and creating change.

Even before I began work on the film, I had spent time living alongside girls and women in the developing world. It was clear to me that education is like a magical ingredient in their empowerment, and a catalyst to transform their societies. The bottom line is this: education works.”

The film will be touring across Canada over the next couple weeks. I highly recommend catching a screening in a city near you. donorworx is also planning to organize a screening of the film on October 11th, 2013 in celebration of International Day of the Girl.  If you would like to arrange a screening in your city for your friends, please let us know and we can help you organize it.