Get to know – Hilary Slater


Welcome Aboard Hilary Slater

We are so happy to welcome Hilary Slater into her new role at the donorworx head office. To help you get to know her a little better, she completed a get-to-know you quiz! Be sure and wish her a great first day!

Name: Hilary Slater
Job title: Office Coordinator

What’s your history with donorworx? Started fundraising in November of 2012 in Oshawa, was lucky enough to be able to travel the east coast with Donorworx this summer.

What’s UR Why? My why is because I want to be able to give someone else in the world even a fraction of what I have been fortunate enough to have in my life. While I was travelling in Asia I saw a lot of children living in those situations where they have to choose between water and school each day. I want to know that I’m helping make sure no child ever has to choose between the two.

What are most excited about in your new role? Seeing how Donorworx runs from the other side of things!

What’s your favourite country you’ve travelled to? Bali. As cliche as it, that country is beautiful.

What’s your favourite candy?: Really, do I have to choose?

What’s your favourite quote? Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never been hurt before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth.

Sarah Shaw says:

Welcome Hilary – we are excited to have you on board as we ramp up for our busiest time of the year! Your Why is very touching. As I dropped my daughter off to school today,our only issue was that her new shelf for her locker had broken. As a global community we need to share the opportunity of health, freedom and education to every child. Glad to have you on board! It takes a great team to prepare our fundraising campaigns. And we have the best 🙂