Fundraising is LOVE

Fundraising is LOVE

Fundraising is ultimately about LOVE…. What you do as a fundraiser is this: in one hand you take a need in the world and with the other hand, you bring a donor who has a passion to address that need — then you help these two to come together. If you just sit with that for a bit and let it sink in, you’ll realize how amazing that is.

We hope that you truly feel proud of what you achieve in helping to make the world a better place. So lets take a moment to celebrate the wonderful work we do!

We made this Valentine Video Card just for YOU — our amazing World Changers who create a ripple effect of kindness and add love into the world each day. We hope this little video brings you a smile and let’s you know how much we appreciate you and all you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! XX donorworx