Fundraiser Tips: Starting your Day Right!

Fundraiser Tips: Starting your Day Right!

Face to Face Fundraising Prep

We asked our Totally Awesome donorworx Fundraisers on our Facebook Page: How do you get in to your zone? How do you prepare for your shift? How do you start your day off bright?

We loved your answers and wanted to share these smart tips with everyone.

  • I spend my commute before my shifts in peaceful silence & meditation reflecting on all I’m grateful for, preparing myself to be Superwoman at the booth…changing the world one life at a time!!
  • A Yogi from Sedona taught me this… Every morning I state 3 positive values that I want to embody or master. Today they are: Gratitude, Kindness, and Compassion. All three then become my mantra that I repeat in my head all day: “I am grateful, kind, and compassionate.”
  • Coffee and a little bit of Sam Cooke music

  • I picked up a term from one of our Team Leaders, who would always say she had “the tingles” when she got to the booth. It’s having that frame of mind where your whole body and mind is on fire and excited. I like to create the tingles by listening to music that will pump me up before my shift, and imagining everyone at the mall is there for one big sponsor party! It really sets the stage for an amazing day.
  • I think about everything I am grateful for; my children, my husband, my two dogs,  being able to work every day doing something bigger than myself. I get myself soooo darned happy and excited that I arrive for my shift with butterflies in my stomach!
  • Its Yoga and Meditation for me!  Dedicating 1/2 – 1  hour  each morning to focus on on what truly matters and seeing the world as perfect. Just before my shift, I  Imagine all the amazing people I will have the opportunity to speak with that day –  and connecting with them and connecting them to a child.  All other thoughts are pretty much meaningless once I am on shift.
  • Writing in my gratitude journal.