donorworx World Changers Visit Navajo Nation

Today is a very exciting day for three “World Changers” at donorworx. Regional Manger Kimberly Harkins, Campaign Leader: Natasha Sood and Fundraiser Tina Carey began their journey on a field trip to visit Save the Children’s US programming in Arizona, specifically the Navajo Nation.
donorworx visits Navajo Nation with Save the Children

donorworx visits Navajo Nation with Save the Children

During the trip, donorworx staff will have a chance to observe the Sponsorship programs which they help support, both in a school and home setting as well as interact with the children benefiting directly. In addition, they will meet with various educators and local Navajo people and have the opportunity to learn more about the Navajo culture.
 Save the Children US Facts
  • Save the Children began their work in the United States in 1932
  • Currently offers child sponsorship in 12 states (with other, non-sponsorship programs happening in more states).
  • 1 in 4 Children in the US live below the poverty line, which is defined as a family of 4 living on less than $22,000/year. 
  • US programming works in partnership with local schools and communities, focusing on Early Childhood Education, Literacy & Physical Health and Nutrition.