donorworx Loves Instagram!


A couple months ago, donorworx Inc created an Instagram account (@donorworx) and joined the millions of other users posting photos everyday.  When people think of Instagram, the first thing that pops to mind is fury photos of cats and snapshots of a delicious meal.  In addition to these lighthearted photos, there is an incredible showcase of photojournalists using Instagram to connect you closer to the causes that we care about at donorworx.

Instagram writes, “Photojournalists from around the globe have begun using Instagram as an important part of their storytelling, using the intimacy and immediacy of mobile photography to open up new avenues of engagement with their audiences.” From refugees in Syria, to children celebrating freshly drilled wells in Uganda, photojournalists are capturing and sharing the world’s stories with people in real time through Instagram

We invite you to share your own photos with donorworx on Instagram using #donorworx.  Check out some of our favourite photojournalists below.


A young Syrian boy collects his family’s daily bread ration at Zaatari refugee camp

Kathyryn Mahoney (@nineteenfiftyone) is a UN aid worker stationed at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.  Through Instagram, she is sharing images of daily life in the camp, where thousands have sought refuge from violence in the region.


Children walk to collect water in the Congo.

American photographer Michael Christopher Brown (@michaelchristopherbrown) is in the heart of the DRC capturing the conflict with his mobile phone. “I primarily use a phone because it is easy, small and fun.”


A young miner 14 years old works with other miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo to extract rock and sand from a large pit which has taken over a year to excavate. The conflict in Congo has centred around the access to these resources that are used in our electronic products.

National Geographic (@natgeo) shares incredible photos from remote places around the globe.