donorworx Alumni Spotlight: Stephen Koop

donorworx Alumni Spotlight: Stephen Koop

The donorworx community of World Changers is proud of our many successful alumni. In a series of posts we will introduce you to a sampling of the talented World Changers donorworx has had the pleasure of fundraising alongside. We are delighted to share their achievements in their new adventures and inspiring careers !

1. What was your work history with donorworx?

I worked as a Campaign Field Manager (CFM) for a number of Calgary and Winnipeg campaigns.

2. What inspired you to get involved to work at donorworx in the first place?

After growing up overseas in a number of Third World countries, I needed to get involved in making a difference from this side of the planet.  The opportunity to work with like-minded individuals was too much to pass up. The chance to create and manage teams of fundraisers was exactly the challenge I was looking for and was more than grateful for the change that donorworx took on me.

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3. What was the best part about being a World Changer?

To watch people begin to believe that they CAN make a difference. We hire idealistic people…people that SAY they can make a difference…but to watch a person start to BELIEVE that it is true has to be one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.

4. What impact did being a fundraiser have on you personally?

I started ‘practicing what I preached’. Through reaching out and seeking opportunities in my community I managed to get involved with a number of committees in my city which I continue to be involved with. One is focused on Third World development and allows me to continue to be involved in helping some of the world’s most marginalized people, the other is one that is focused almost exclusively on my neighbourhood and provides the chance to change lives right next door.

5. What are you up to now? How did being a World Changer influence your future life goals?

I am currently a corporate account manager with a telecommunications company. The experience of being responsible for a team, especially from a distance, challenged my management and organizational skills and those are tools that I now use daily. I learned that getting involved in helping others doesn’t have to be a ‘one-day’ goal but can be something that can be done NOW.

6. How did being a fundraiser prepare you and give you the skills needed for your current job?

The skill of starting a conversation with a complete stranger, especially about something that you are passionate about takes a tremendous amount of confidence. To make them engaged and interested takes true passion and the ability to let that passion shine. Lastly, to bring someone to the point where they are able to make a decision to sponsor takes the knowledge of how to close a deal which is a skill that translates to nearly every profession. I feel like donorworx gave me the chance to polish these skills through the thousands of conversations that I had the privilege to share with our guests at the booth.

7. Any advice for aspiring World Changers?

Be real and honest – The questions, hesitations, and passions you have for the charity you represent are also felt by the people you will speak to. If you share your belief in the cause and allow yourself to be vulnerable, it will allow you to get to the heart of their hesitations and address them.

8. Favourite quote?

A phrase/verse that I live my life by is – “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Romans 12:2