donorworx Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Connolly

donorworx Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Connolly

The donorworx community of World Changers is proud of our many successful alumni. In a series of posts we will introduce you to a sampling of the talented World Changers donorworx has had the pleasure of fundraising alongside. We are delighted to share their achievements in their new adventures and inspiring careers! 

1What was your work history with donorworx?

I began with Donorworx as a fundraiser, then worked as a team leader and then had the opportunity to be a Campaign Field Manager out in Vancouver. I got to travel, meet incredible people, and work on campaigns for World Vision, Save the Children, and Christian Blind Mission.

2What inspired you to get involved to work at donorworx in the first place?

I had been a believer in World Vision’s work for a long time, and was excited to work connecting people to child sponsorship. It was after the training I received for my first campaign as a fundraiser that  I really felt like I’d found somewhere special

3. What was the best part about being a World Changer?

It’s hard to pick a best part about my experience with Donorworx! The experience of what we did every day – connecting with someone, and walking them through their reasons not to help,  to the realization that they CAN make a difference – is a totally incredible experience. Seeing that joy and inspiration ignited in someone is so rewarding, and with Donorworx I got to be a part of that hundreds of times

4. What impact did being a fundraiser have on you personally?

So many things! I have never worked with such incredibly inspiring, positive, powerful people in my life, and I definitely learned new tools for keeping perspective in tough situations – and for turning those situations around. I also transitioned from a career in journalism to a career in fundraising after realizing the passion I had for it. Inspiring others to action – to help others and see the impact they can make –  is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done

5. What are you up to now? How did being a World Changer influence your future life goals?

I work for a university finding funding to provide education for those that might not otherwise have access. I love my job, and get to advocate for programs that educate underserved adults, young parents, prisoners, and youth in government care

6. How did being a fundraiser prepare you and give you the skills needed for your current job?

I use skills I learned with Donorworx every day. It takes courage to ask for the support I ask for, from the people I ask. The practice you get as a fundraiser listening deeply to people, to understand where they’re coming from, is priceless

7. Any advice for aspiring World Changers?

Do not get discouraged! By putting your smile and your invitation out there every day, every moment, you are already changing the world.

8. Favourite quote:

‘This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.


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