Cnib Star Skyler – Shines Bright at St. Vital Mall


In our job as face-to-face fundraisers, our goal is to best convey the charity’s message through storytelling. We imagine ourselves in the shoes of those who we speak on behalf of and do our best to bring their struggles, needs and challenges to life, so that the public will be inspired to help make a change. In order to be the absolute best face-to-face charity ambassadors, we have to educate ourselves as much as possible on the charity’s cause and the lives that it affects.

You can imagine how awesome it must have felt to have been one of our donorworx CNIB fundraisers working at St. Vital mall in Winnipeg when the tiny star, five-year old CNIB client Skyler Ross arrived with his family at the booth to share his CNIB story first-hand.

Donorworx fundraiser Stephanie Hrynchuck was working at the CNIB booth when Skyler paid a visit. “Today, Jason and I were so lucky to have Skylar and his mom Britany pay us a visit at the booth! Britany shared with me that Skylar was born with congenital blindness. After many frustrations, Britany turned to CNIB and we offered our help to his family when he was just 6 months of age. Over time, Skylar received many visits from CNIB with love, help and support. Skylar can now see 20-50 vision and looks forward to every visit CNIB gives him. Skylar is still learning how to read braille and how to use a white cane but he is adjusting well and will learn more in time! Britany was so kind to leave us a baby picture of Skylar at the booth.

“It is a pleasure to work with a group of people who are so passionate and want to make a difference for those who are partially sighted or blind. You are all helping to share a national voice with the knowledge we know about CNIB and sharing it with the public about our community based support.”

Skyler and his family also made a great impact on our donorworx CNIB Campaign Leader Amanda Carey. Amanda was over the moon about the visit and writes, “Thank you so so much for coming to the booth both days! It was truly a huge help to each of us. Thank you for being so open to answering all of our questions. Your family has helped each one of us understand how important CNIB is to children with vision impairment and also their family members. We can now talk to patrons with even more confidence as we push on to get as many sponsors as we can.”