Back to School Series: Edelgard Poggenpoel

Back to School Series: Edelgard Poggenpoel
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Edelgard (centre) with her Students in Capetown


What is your name? Edelgard Poggenpoel

What is your role at donorworx Inc? I am the Campaign Leader of our donorworx fundraising team at Toronto Pearson Airport. We have an incredible experiential fundraising booth at YYZ, it is the first of its kind in Canada. Next time you are catching a flight out of Toronto, come by and say hello.

Tell us about the school photo you selected: I couldn’t find one of myself as a student. However, I do have one of me as a teacher with my class in Cape Town, South Africa

Why is education such an important part of your passion as a fundraiser?
I feel that every child has a right to education. It is an opportunity to change the direction of their lives. Education epitomizes change and it also allows one to have choices. Education gives everyone a chance to reach their full potential. It is something that no one can take away from you. I have always been extremely proud of my career as a teacher as it has given me the forum to play a small role in helping children to develop academically, socially & emotionally. Working now on behalf of World Vision children & communities, has enabled me to continue to make a difference. An educated child will most likely grow up and make sure that one day their children are also educated. These children will eventually have a positive impact on their community. An educated society, is the foundation of a better society.

A quote by South African legend – Nelson Mandela. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” That sums it up for me