Shelley Doughty

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Shelley has been an integral part of donorworx since its founding in 2008.  She has acted as CFO since inception and has overseen the incredible growth donorworx has seen to date.  Shelley developed her financial and business acumen with Arthur Andersen & Co. as well as serving as the Canadian Director of Administration and Finance for Accenture.  After leaving the corporate world she seized the opportunity to leverage her entrepreneurial and business skills to assist in the creation of donorworx. One of Shelley’s most memorable moments of her career was travelling to Ethiopia to visit a World Vision project.

Paul Doughty

Chief Operating Officer

Paul is responsible for the success of all campaigns and the oversight of field operations, recruiting and technology. Paul brings over 20 years of operational and financial leadership to this role and is committed to providing the best possible results at the lowest acquisition cost for our charitable partners. Paul’s defining moment at donorworx was when he had an opportunity to visit his sponsored child in Guatemala. That meeting reaffirmed his belief in the work we do and the positive change we make. Paul is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in economics and is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Professional Accountant. In his spare time Paul is an avid mountain biker and is always looking for a good concert to attend!

Sarah C

Sarah Sam

Director, Account Management and Special Projects

Quite quickly, after a trip to the field, Sarah was attracted to face-to-face fundraising as a way to bring about positive change. In 2011, Sarah joined donorworx and began developing her career, starting as a fundraiser, moving in to Account Management and now working as Director, Account Management and Special Projects. In this role, Sarah works with our North American charitable partners overseeing overall campaign planning, analysis, central coordination and implementation of fundraising campaigns. Sarah is thankful to work alongside individuals who care deeply about those we serve through our charitable partners. Sarah had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda with donorworx staff and World Vision US to visit her sponsored child which holds a place in her heart as a notable moment with donorworx.


Roslyn Murray (Maternity Leave)

VP, Brand & Marketing

Roslyn started her career at donorworx in 2008 as a fundraiser, moved into campaign management and soon after was promoted to VP Canadian Campaigns where she lead and managed National fundraising teams and campaigns. In her current role, she spearheads donorworx’s marketing and communication initiatives, brand management and business development.  Her most memorable moment at donorworx was the trip of a life-time to Ethiopia with World Vision Canada where she visited children and communities to see the incredible impact of the fundraising initiatives donorworx supports.  In addition to loving her work, she enjoys painting in her studio, browsing vintage stores, swimming in lakes, and spontaneous adventures.

RobJ-web-2 headshots

Rob Johnson

VP Business Development & Client Engagement

Rob has been involved in Fundraising for approximately the last 10 years.  After retiring from Hewlett Packard (HP) where he held a variety of management positions in service, sales and marketing, he was with World Vision focused on acquisition of monthly Child Sponsorship donors using TV, Direct Mail, Internet, Radio and Face to Face channels. As part of his strategy to expand and develop multiple channels of acquisition, he engaged donorworx to provide support for the Retail channel. This relationship expanded greatly over several years. Rob left World Vision and moved to Plan where he was responsible for acquisition for Child Sponsorship acquisitions as well as retention and the Child sponsorship product. The relationship with donorworx extended for Retail at Plan as well. Rob has been with donorworx since early 2016 and is managing the Street and D2D portfolio as the Director of Street and D2D


Jullie Pfeffer

Senior Manager, Field Operations

Jullie joined the donorworx team in 2009 and has been a fundraiser, team leader, campaign field manager and now she manages our field operations. Jullie is  thrilled to lead this incredible group of world changers who are committed to helping children and families in need. She also enjoys the chance to encourage, inspire and support others who generously donate their time and talents to battle inequality and injustice. Outside of work, Jullie enjoys travelling to new destinations but also appreciates the tranquil and soothing beaches of Lake Huron where she spends time with her family and close friends.

Jessica Covey (Maternity Leave)

Manager, Human Resources and Special Projects

Jessica is a dynamic, progressive and highly skilled human resources professional who believes in the importance of incorporating human resources into an organization’s planning and growth strategies. Jessica is imbued with an undeniable positivity and optimism, and finds the silver lining in every cloud. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she revels in facilitating the success of each and every team member and project. An independent entrepreneur herself for a number of years, coupled with her experience in human resources management, Jessica has earned a unique insight into the various challenges that face organizations in an ever-changing economic environment.

Sheila Tsuchiya Sommerville

Finance Controller

Donorworx first welcomed Sheila into the finance group in 2015 on a consulting basis and the following year officially hired her as the company’s Financial Controller. Sheila is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner who brings with her a variety of data and analytical skills from her past roles in not-for-profit organizations, small entrepreneurial companies, large publicly-traded firms and mid-sized rising stars. Sheila loves the healthy work/life balance that she enjoys at Donorworx and is proud to contribute to the back office of a company that is helping to change the world.


Karla Tucker

Logistics Coordinator

Karla joined donorworx in August 2017 as the Logistics Coordinator. Previous to this she spent time traveling and living abroad, working in numerous administrative support positions. As the logistic coordinator at donorworx, Karla enjoys being involved in multiple departments, working closely with her colleagues to help support our successful fundraising teams. In her free time Karla can be found exploring the city and picking out her next vacation spot.


Jamie-Lynn Arsenault

Field Support Specialist

Jamie-Lynn joined donorworx in November 2012 as a Charity Ambassador. Jamie found her calling working closely with various causes, but also a calling in helping those around her. Through her current Field Support Specialist position Jamie is able to follow her calling in leadership/fundraiser development. During Jamie’s career with donorworx she has had opportunities to not only travel Canada coast to coast with our travelling teams, but also visited communities in Africa that benefit from donorworx’s fundraising efforts.