Monthly donors are our specialty!

Donorworx is a full-service face-to-face fundraising agency that takes pride in growing your monthly donor database with engaged and passionate donors who will stick around for the long term.  Since 2008, donorworx has been helping charities raise awareness by engaging the public in meaningful, one-on-one conversations. Through heartfelt chats, whether in a mall, at an event, or someone’s front door, we inspire thousands of people to become donors every year. Our guaranteed, low-cost acquisition program delivers fast return on investment.


We make your message stand out in a crowded world.

We immerse ourselves into the mission of your organization to gain powerful insights and create inspiring, meaningful and impactful fundraising campaigns.  We are committed to your success and our vision is clear – to give charities a voice and ignite passion and action in others. We know what it takes to create a compelling story that inspires people to support your cause.

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We deliver on time and on budget.

As the leading Face-to-Face Fundraising provider in North America, we have professional fundraising teams ready to represent your organization at a moment’s notice. We work with our charity clients to set up face-to-face monthly donor fundraising campaigns, including retail campaigns, door-to-door and street fundraising. From project conception, we can have boots on the ground within 8 weeks.

We cherish loving donors who deliver a high life-time value.

We’ve built an ethical fundraising culture that is donor centric and focused on helping non-profits acquire monthly donors who will have a high life-time value. When we partner with your organization, we make your mission our mission.  We commit to helping you advance your cause for the long-term.

We cherish loving donors

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