5 Blogs Fundraisers Should Follow in 2014

5 Blogs Fundraisers Should Follow in 2014

The non-profit world is constantly evolving and innovating.  One of the best ways to keep a pulse on the trends in the fundraising world is to stay informed and inspired by reading and learning from others who are experts in the field.

To help get you started, here are five blogs you might like to check out and follow if you are looking to expand your mind and improve your fundraising efforts.


The blog offers a smorgasbord of thought-provoking questions and daily insights to spur creativity and and productivity.  How can you be more productive? Why are bad habits so hard to break? How does the brain process visuals?  While they may not be typical “fundraising” questions, you as a fundraiser will be much better off after exploring the tips the blog offers.

Future Fundraising Now

This blog offers the best unofficial education in fundraising. Well worth the read.



An aggregate blog from the various companies, products, and people at Blackbaud, this blog provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics ranging from analytics to nonprofit management.  Best of all the blog keeps you in the know of trends and innovation in the nonprofit world.


Seth Godin

Godin covers all kinds of topics with a focus on marketing … which is fundraising. If you follow only one marketing blog this year, this should be the one.


Stay Classy

StayClassy is great at giving you ideas and tips, on peer-to-peer giving and social media for non-profits.  It has a wealth of ebooks and downloadable resources to get you started.