A Poem for World Changers

A Poem for World Changers

World Changers

We have to relax,
Get each others’ backs.
We are brave and confident.
We believe it’s important.
We go against the grain.
We ask again and again
to make a difference,
To Push people off the “fence,”
To change the world,
See love unfurled,
Faith in action,
generosity and compassion!!
So this week we will
Get hungry mouths their fill,
Send children to school,
Uphold the golden rule!
We break the status quo
By letting people know
That there is another way
To make a difference, today!!

Sponsoring –
IS comfortable,
IS our “normal”
IS our mandate
IS our mission.

We are world changers –
World shakers!
We are bold
We’ve been told.
We are kind till the end
And the truth we don’t bend.
We help families.
We hope the world agrees,
This is the best job ever
So we never say never!!

Sheila Abramoff (B.CM & B.A.)