Inspiring others to get involved, donate, volunteer and work towards creating a planet where abundance is shared.

We work with charity clients to set up face-to-face fundraising campaigns in Canada & the US.

Our teams of fundraisers engage with the public and inspire them to take action. #WhatsYourWhy ?

Join the donorworx team and advocate on behalf of a cause that we can all stand behind.

donorworx started in 2008 as a small face-to-face fundraising company with a simple vision:

Offer unparalleled services to recruit new monthly donors and sponsors through face-to-face fundraising.
Be exceptional on a daily basis employing only people with a true affinity to the cause.
Always exceed expectations, taking full accountability for all actions and decisions.
Our approach is what makes us one of North America’s most innovative face-to-face fundraising companies.

Since 2008 we have connected 100,000+ donors with organizations across Canada and the U.S.

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We’re out there every day having hundreds of inspiring conversations

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The work that we’ve done has changed 100,000+ lives

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Our team’s shared vision includes over 400 World Changers